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Eli Soriano is very confused because carbon dating does not prove or disprove the Bible. It reveals nothing about the authenticity of the Bible. Carbon 14 dating is relatively accurate. The Bible is ideal for the young and old. The correctness of carbon dating has no relevance to the truthfulness of the Bible. With regards to the manuscript of the Gospel of John, Soriano mentioned some good points.

We have good evidence from New Testament manuscripts revealing that the Bible is reliable.

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It has not changed over the ages. Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with answers to the questions. This is not a scientific question. This cannot be answered by science.

This is a theological question and can only be answered by theology. Not all questions are scientific. Not all knowledge is scientific. It is all right to talk about non-scientific questions that are theological in nature.

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This question has a perfectly reasonable theological answer. According to the Bible, God is eternal and was not created.

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For the Judeo-Christian theist, there is no explanation about the origin of God. By definition, God is a Being that exists outside of space and time. God is eternal in the past, present, and future. It is God from whom all things which were created have come. God has no origin: It is like saying a married bachelor.

It simply makes no sense. Again, this is not a scientific question. This has a very easy answer: More exists than just time and space.

~ Because dogs are entitled to their opinions, too.

God exists outside of time and space. Many physicists recognize the possibility of higher dimensions. If God exists in higher dimensions than we do, He can create our dimensions from those higher dimensions. God is not a physically spatial or earthly being. His existence does not need physical space and time. In modern language, it is a physical space-time and God either exists timelessly or has always existed.

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This question has a perfectly logical theological answer. With regards to the scientific theory of Intelligent Design, it does not address the origin or identity of the designer. One can detect design without knowing who the designer was or how the designer came to be. The objection is not scientific but a philosophical or metaphysical objection to certain types of design.

In fact, the answer to this question is another question: Where did the universe come from? Atheists or materialists have not come up with any answers to this. He knew God exists with power and glory that he wanted to equal. Clearly, in his statement he believed on the Most High. Angels were witnesses when God created the universe. When some of these angels rebelled against God with satan, they became demons. But in spite of their being demons they still believe in God. No profound logic is needed for these demons to believe in God, because they all saw Him.

But why are there humans who now consider themselves to be atheists rejecting the belief in a God or a Creator? The answer is simple! There are things which humans cannot see and there are things which all humans do not and cannot comprehend! No angel or demon has seen the transformation of an ape to a human being.

Angels and demons believe that God created man.

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Angels and demons will never be converted to atheism because they have seen God and have witnessed the creation of the heavens and the earth and every creature in them. Theism or belief in God was recorded in the most ancient of books especially in the Bible. We have manuscripts dating back to as early as 2, years ago. That is 2, years before the advent of such laughable belief system as atheism.

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These manuscripts prove the existence of a Creator and the purpose of creation! To the contrary, there are no books, manuscripts, tablets, of any sort that records the transformation of bacteria or an amoeba to a man! The belief that evolution happened millions of years ago has no records even in fossils to prove such foolishness!

Evolution is purposeless, creation is purposeful! Think of it, readers!

Double-Edged Sword: Bro. Eli refutes claim that 90% of scientists are atheists

Atheism is not a science or even a sub-branch of it. Atheism is not a religion nor can be considered one in any aspect! Atheism is not an organization because atheists are disorganized! What a laughable belief system! But hey, do not get mad at me! Let me prove my stand. Reference The devil or satan was never an atheist. Satan was an angel who rebelled against God. A purpose to be achieved needs an intelligent mind!

And a purpose points to a higher being.